D O Gs & Co Grooming Solution

We're Pawsitively Excited!

Do-It-Yourself Dog Washing is  AVAILABLE REAL SOON.

We have all been hunched over the edge of a  bathtub trying to do a good job while our dog stares at us with sheer misery. Unlike some other “Do-It-Yourself” stores, you aren’t completely by yourself at D O Gs & Co;  our professional bathers and groomers are close by and ready to help at all times. We’ll show how to work the equipment, recommend products for you, and answer all your questions.

As a professional grooming salon, we have a huge range of shampoos and conditioners and we’ll help you choose the one that is best for your dog’s skin.

After the bath, you’ll have access to towels, and our high velocity dryers (as it's important to get that coat dry!) combs, brushes and our professional grooming tables.

Of course, any of the products that you fall in love with are available for purchase and our staff will help you get exactly what you need to maintain your dog’s coat at home.  

Best of all we’ll handle the clean-up for you!

No more mopping up the puddles or chasing your dog around the house with a towel.  You'll  have just graduated to professional spa care for your furry friend.