D O Gs & Co Grooming Solution

D O Gs & Co  Grooming Services

Your pets  groom will take 90 minuets  to 2  hrs depending on what service, size and condition of coat your pet has.  We will start with checking the condition of the coat and  working out with you to see what length of coat you are wanting kept on your pet. We can work out a length that fits your needs.  Then it's off to the bath to make them squeaky clean and get them dried and ready for their fur cut or brush out.  Our professional grooming service allows you to drop off your scruffy  friend, hassle free.   And in no time you will be picking up a tangle free squeaky clean fluffy friend.


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Professional Pet Grooming

From drop off to pick up they will be taken cared of by our professional  grooming team, where we offer lots of cuddles and pats.  If they show any sign of unhappiness with in the  process of the groom we will use a happy hoodie.  The happy hoodie has been designed to help with anxiety in stressful situations.


Not all cat's agree on been pampered, we don't use sedatives to groom any of the animals that come through our doors.  We'll always put your cats needs first and if we see any stress while in the  process of the groom, we will call you and advice you to contact your chosen veterinary clinic.